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Joint pain relief, improvement of mobility

Normally, the articular cartilage serves as a buffer between the bones. It is composed of cells (chondrocytes), a membrane and the synovial fluid. This liquid plays several essential roles: it cleans and lubricates the joint and also nourishes the cartilage. Over the years or following too large stresses, the synovial fluid tends to diminishes, while the cartilage becomes less flexible and thins.

This results in the stiffness or a pain in the joints. To increase the mobility, Sekoya has made available, for several years, with great success, some natural supplements that have the additional advantage of respecting your digestive system.

boite pernadolsignePlus


Alleviate pain

boite pernaflexsignePlus


Maintain flexibility

tube pernagelsignePlus


Ease specific joints

flacon cynorhodonsignePlus


One berry, two extracts

flacon curcumasignePlus

Curcuma & Piperine

Maintain good joint comfort

flacon harpagophytumsignePlus


Support the musculoskeletal system and joint flexibility

flacon omega3signePlus

Omega 3+

Contribute to the normal functioning of the heart and brain

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