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Detoxification of the organism

In spring and autumn, clean your internal body for a better feeling of lightness and more vitality.

Today, everyone knows that the food we eat and the air we breathe contain toxins. To eliminate them, our body relies on various excretory organs (liver, intestine, skin, lungs, and kidneys).

But the amount of toxins to be removed is increasingly important. The emunctory becomes saturated and is no longer able to remove all the toxins accumulated during several days in our tissues, thus affecting the proper functioning of our body.

flacon radis noir gingembresignePlus

Black radish & Ginger

Promote the detoxifying of the liver

flacon epine-vinettesignePlus


Natural detoxifier

boite probiolsignePlus


Regulate the digestion

flacon pilosellesignePlus


In support of the excretory organs

flacon chlorellasignePlus


Promote the detoxification of the body

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