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For small discomforts and as a prevention method

To relieve and gently compensate

For the small graded discomforts that occur as a result of a weakness or of an excess, there is often a plant or a fruit able to help. Dietary supplements are also a great support to facilitate the transition from one age to another.

To prevent the small inconveniences or to naturally relieve the pain, Sekoya has selected some treasures from the plant kingdom. Such as cranberry, for the urinary comfort of the women who experience urinary tract issues, and hops, to promote a good sleep.

flacon airellesignePlus

Cranberry Sold out

A woman’s secret

flacon pépins de courgessignePlus

Pumpkin seed oil

For men age 40 and up

flacon bourrachesignePlus


A supple and hydrated skin

flacon houblonsignePlus


For restful sleep

flacon macasignePlus


The extraordinary, natural hormone regulator

flacon rhodiolesignePlus


Rhodiola rosea

flacon échinacéesignePlus


Support for the upper respiratory tract

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